Built on the power of partnership

We support you with the latest tools and comprehensive account-based, Consumer-Directed Healthcare (CDH) benefits to offer your clients. As a partner, you also benefit from our exclusive focus on the CDH market and health accounts. Our neutrality from health plans enables you to sell HSA Bank benefit accounts with the confidence that if your client changes health plans, they won't have to change benefit account vendors. You also benefit from the fact that we are the bank, custodian, and administrator of these accounts, enabling you to offer a one-vendor approach.

Employer Experience

Employer Experience

We provide what is important to employers, including technology-enabling new payment strategies; transparency and engagement tools for employees; easy management of healthcare expenses, and a solution for integration between wellness and payment.

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Employer Support

We’ll help create and support your client’s engagement strategies at every step, including pre-open enrollment, open enrollment, and post-open enrollment. Each step offers strategies to educate, create awareness, increase interest and encourage enrollment. Post enrollment strategies are designed to help employees get the most of their accounts.

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Employee Experience

Employees have a self-service, online dashboard that gives them the complete picture of their account contributions, payments to providers as well as medical claims and healthcare expenses. It puts accountholders in control and helps them make informed health finance decisions.

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Stacked Benefits Card

HSA Bank offers a stacked card: a special-purpose Visa© card that can be used to pay for medical-related expenses across all accounts - Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). Expenses are auto-substantiated, allowing for a streamlined payment or reimbursement process.

Working with HSA Bank is easy

We provide everything you'll need to sell our benefit accounts and participate in revenue share opportunities as appropriate. Our Regional Vice Presidents, Business Development and Business Relations teams are available to answer questions and get you set up. Our sales team can not only help you choose the right plan, but they're also available for training and enrollment meetings, lunch 'n learns, or hosting webinars.

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Insights to achieve an effective HSA program

If your clients are considering offering a Consumer-Directed Health Plan with an HSA, we have data and insights to help you build a better benefits program. 


For Agents and Brokers

Expand your client offerings with benefit accounts from HSA Bank

Account-based benefits offer insurance agents the opportunity to bolster your client offerings. HSA Bank works with insurance professionals to bring these benefits, at an affordable rate, to your clients. The success in increasing the adoption by employees of high-deductible health plans allows these professionals to demonstrate higher return on investment while holding the line on insurance costs.

Please call our Business Relations team at (866) 357-5232 to learn more about partnering with us.

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Solutions consultants are proud to recommend

When thousands of active business partners across the country prescribe Consumer-Directed Healthcare account solutions, they're recommending options from HSA Bank. Those benefit professionals – some with the nations' top consulting groups – are confident in the ability of HSA Bank to follow through and help meet the challenges of the more than 30,000 employer groups we serve.

Our partnership with these consultants has helped HSA Bank grow to become the largest HSA custodian in the U.S. This growth is a result of our intense focus on account-based benefits and delivering world-class customer service.

Ability to receive file feeds from payroll, HRIS, enrollment & benefit administration vendors.
Integration with health plans
Integration with third party administrators
Tier 1 and Tier 2 service coordination
Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities

Investment solutions for financial advisors

Harness the power of the long-term savings of an HSA with our exclusive HSAdvisor+(SM)