IRS Notices & Publications

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Tax Related Forms

Forms you will receive from HSA Bank:

IRS Form 1099-SA is provided for each HSA distribution you made in the current tax year.

IRS Form 5498-SA indicates your HSA contributions made for the current tax year. This information is used to complete IRS Form 8889.

Instructions for IRS Forms 1099-SA and 5498-SA

Forms you will need to complete:

IRS Form 8889 to report your HSA contributions, distributions and your tax deductions from IRS Forms 1099-SA and 5498-SA. (Instructions for Form 8889)

IRS Form 8853. If you have a Medical Savings Account (MSA), or transferred an MSA to your HSA, this form is to report your MSA contributions and distributions. (Instructions for IRS Form 8853)